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What is Canadian document authentication and legalization?

MCA Process Service is a local process serving company based in Ottawa, Ontario.  One of the many areas that we have a specialization in relates to having Canadian documents authenticated and legalized. Sometimes this process is referred to as the Canada Apostille process, attestation, or apostille. The authentication and legalization process comprises two steps. It requires individual stamps to be affixed to the  Canadian documents to deem them to be legitimate for use in a specific country.  There are many reasons why one should consider hiring a company that has experience with the document authentication and legalization process.

Why does Canada use the process of authentication and legalization?

As Canada did not sign the Hague Convention Treaty Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, the Apostille Convention, we are still required to have documents authenticated and legalized.  Although this process is quite straightforward, it can be confusing for someone who does not have enough experience in this area.

How is a Canadian document authenticated and legalized?

The first step is to have Canadian documents stamped by the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada. The materials must meet the criteria for authentication. The Global Affairs website does a great job identifying the requirements for documents to be authenticated.  Authentication is simply the applying of a seal applied to the papers deeming it to be a legitimate Canadian document. The second step is legalization at a specific Embassy or Consulate. Each diplomatic mission has its own unique set of requirements. The affixing of the seal by the Countries Embassy or Consulate deems the material legitimate for use in that country.

How can MCA Process Service help with the authentication and legalization process?

As a process server, our office has been assisting clients with document authentication.  For twenty-four years, we have been helping clients with the authentication and legalization of documents, the Canada Apostille process. Given the volume of materials that we had been processing, we eventually created an entirely new company dedicated to providing this service.  Our associate company, Capital Authentication, is completing the authentication and legalization work. Our associate office is ready to take care of your needs in an efficient and extremely cost-effective manner.  Our office will personally take the documents to the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada.  They get authenticated on the spot.  Once completed, the materials are hand-delivered to the specific Embassy or Consular Office and submitted for legalization.  Our office retrieves the documents from the Embassy or Consular Office.

What is the advantage of using our service?

The most significant advantage of using our service is cost-effectiveness as compared to our local competitors.  Our combined fees to authenticate and legalize Canadian documents is significantly cheaper than those suggested by competitors.  Our associate office, Capital Authentication, offers superior service as we are incredibly familiar with the requirements of Global Affairs Canada as well as the various Embassies.   You are guaranteed to save money by utilizing our service. At the same time, your documents handled professionally and promptly.

Feel free to reach out to either of our offices. We will happily discuss your unique situation while offering cost-effective solutions. Feel free to reach out to us either by e-mail at info@mcaprocessservice.com or telephone at 613-791-4954. Our general response time is up to one business day.