Covid19 and Ottawa Provincial Court

The unprecedented disruption caused by Covid19 continues to impact businesses around the world. It has affected the operations of the Courts across the Province of Ontario.  In particular, it has severely impacted on the services offered at the Civil Court, Family Court, Estates Court, and Small Claims courts in Ottawa.  While the courts remain open, they are operating on a minimal scope.  Only urgent matters are processed, and it typically requires pre-approval from Trial Co-ordination and a member of the judiciary.  It is our understanding that these types of cases are being directed to the court electronically.  Given the issues surrounding Covid19, individuals are being discouraged from physically attending the actual court offices. 

Was there a formal directive issued to address the Covid19 impact on the Ottawa Provincial Court?

Yes, there was a directive issued on April 2, 2020.  The directive effectively suspended court operations.   The court does remain open but on a limited scope.  In terms of how long the court remains impacted, and on restricted hours, it has yet to be determined.  It is reasonable to expect that the disruption will be for weeks or months to come.  A further direction will eventually be issued, directing how the court will start resuming some form of regular day to day operations.

Considering Covid19 and the impact on the Ottawa Provincial Court – is MCA Process Serving filing documents at the moment?

At the moment, our office is not filing documents.  Given the directive issued on April 2, 2020, there is no real need for us to attend at court.  While we continue to collect documents from clients, we do not expect to be able to file them until there is a new directive released in the future which will identify how the court will start resuming day to day operations.

Is MCA Process Service still serving documents at the moment?

At MCA Process Service, we are still serving documents but on a limited basis.  As a legal courier, we are arguably an essential service.  As some businesses are not currently open, there are instances where services cannot get completed.  In many cases, companies are operating remotely with staff working from home.  We are making efforts to determine alternative addresses.  In terms of residential services, we are making efforts with these also.  We are finding that people are home but, in some cases, and for understandable reasons, not answering the door.

Feel free to reach out to our office.  The best method to reach us at the moment is by e-mail at We do welcome telephone calls at 613-791-4954.  However, we, too, are working remotely at the moment.