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About Us

MCA Process Service is knowledgeable, accomplished and well-respected as a process server. Our associate office, Capital Authentication, is also a specialist in the field of Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization. We are located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital

Our History

Our company is now in its twenty first year of operation.  We are continuing to expand its client base within the City of Ottawa, across the Province of Ontario, nationally and internationally.  As a process server, we serve court documents upon individuals and corporations, both locally and virtually anywhere throughout the world.  With respect to document authentication and legalization, our associate office Capital Authentication assists people in navigating the often confusing process of the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents.  The authentication and legalization process is often referred to as “Apostille”.  

MCA Process Service commenced operations in 1996.  Initially, our office was exclusively geared as a process server towards the service of court documents, generally in the national capital region.  In following years our office expanded into the filing of court documents on behalf of lawyers and members of the general public both locally and at all of the Court Offices located across the Province of Ontario.  Our office also recognized the need to assist Canadians both in Canada and including those living abroad with the Document Authentication and Legalization process.  MCA Process Service, as a process server, we have since evolved to become a full service process serving, court filing and document authentication business, able to meet the needs of clients worldwide.

Client Reviews

Superior Quality of Service

Among our many unique attributes, it is the superior quality of service provided by MCA Process Service that has enabled our business to grow rapidly over the past twenty one years.  Our reputation for professionalism, honesty and dedication continues to attract new clients on a regular basis.

Our office is strategically located within close proximity to all of the court offices in downtown Ottawa.  Our staff attends, on a daily basis, all divisions of the Provincial (ie: Civil, Family, Small Claims, Estates, Divisional, Criminal Court) Federal and Supreme Courts.  When requested, we also attend at the nearby Palais de Justice / Gatineau Courthouse located in the former City of Hull, in the Province of Quebec.  We also regularly respond to requests involving both provincial and federal incorporations.    We are also close to Global Affairs Canada as well as the various Embassies or Consular offices.

MCA Process Service strives to develop lasting relationships with our clients, whether law firms, corporations, government agencies or private individuals.  To this end, our client relationships are based on open lines of communication and mutual trust and respect.  By working together, superior results are achieved. 

Our client base ranges from some of the world’s largest law firms to private individuals and everything in between.  No request is too big or too small.

Prospective clients of MCA Process Service are always encouraged to contact any of our existing customers to hear what they have to say about the services that we provide.  We have found that the most effective form of advertising comes from the honest comments of those clients who regularly use the services that we offer.

Whether you’re looking for a process server, someone to file your documents at court or a specialist who deals with the Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Documents, no matter the size of the job, the staff at MCA Process Service, look forward to hearing from you.