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Frequently Asked Questions

Our office will serve virtually any document that we are asked to serve whether it be from a lawyer or self-represented individuals.

Some of the documents we typically serve include, but are not limited to: Statements of Claim, Statements of Defence, Statements of Defence and Counterclaim, Third Party Claims and related claims, Motion Records, Judgments, Notices of Examination, Notices of Garnishments, Subpoenas, Summons to Witness, Plaintiff’s Claims, Defendant’s Claims, Notices of Examination, Notices of Contempt Hearings, Family Court Applications, Motions to Vary, Family Court Notices of Motion and Contempt Hearings, Demand Letters, Terminations of Tenancy and Occupancy Checks.

Our office is capable of serving documents locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. We have developed a competent network of trusted agents who are capable of serving both routine and “rush” services.

Generally speaking, it normally takes between one to three attempts before a party is served. The service is always effected pursuant to the relevant Rules of Court. As each individual case is unique, it can take longer to serve a party.

In some cases, a party may be attempting to avoid service. Necessary information is collected and if a motion for substituted service is necessary, our office can provide a supporting affidavit to establish the lengths that have been taken in an attempt to serve a party. This will assist you to obtain a court order authorizing an alternative manner of service or dispensation of service.

Upon effecting a service, our office completes the necessary affidavit(s) of service setting out the date and time of service and related particulars as required by the relevant Rules of Court. Affidavits of service are sworn before a commissioner of oaths and/or notary public, at no extra cost to the client.

Our office routinely documents dates and times when a service has been attempted. We also note other relevant information to help establish that a person is attempting to avoid service. If necessary, a party can file a motion at court to request alternative and/or dispensation of service. In such cases, our office will provide a detailed affidavit of attempted service.

Our associate office, Capital Authentication, assists clients on a daily basis with the authentication and legalization of documents for use abroad.  This helpful and informative website can be found at:

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