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Court Filing

The knowledgeable staff at MCA Process Service will expertly attend to the issuing and filing of your documents at all levels of court.

Our office regularly attends at the Provincial, Federal and Supreme Courts in downtown Ottawa. When requested, we also provide court filing services at the Palais de Justice, in Gatineau, Quebec. Court documents can be issued and filed each and every business day, excluding holidays or when the courts are disrupted or closed for unforeseen circumstances.

The reliable staff at MCA Process Service can also act as your agent for issuing and filing documents in any other court located within the Province of Ontario or across Canada. Whether we attend ourselves or use our network of trusted agents, the experienced Ottawa court filing team at MCA Process Service will do everything in our control to ensure that your Ottawa court filing needs are satisfied in a timely and cost effective manner.

Furthermore, we can advise you promptly of any problems surrounding the filing of your documents, via telephone, fax or e-mail. That way, appropriate steps can be taken right away to remedy any unforeseen problem.


Completed court filing tasks will be invoiced and returned to your office by fax, e-mail, courier, lettermail and/or by hand.

If you have court documents to be issued or filed in Ottawa or anywhere in the Province of Ontario or across Canada, you are invited to contact MCA Process Service to see how we can be of assistance. Let us show you that our helpful and expert staff routinely go "beyond the expected".

Some of the Ottawa Court Filing and related services that we provide:

Family Court / Civil Court / Small Claims Court / Criminal Court / Divisional Court

  • Issuing and filing documents
  • Scheduling court dates
  • Depositing orders for signature
  • Conducting party searches
  • Retrieval of Marriage Certificates (family court)
  • Obtaining photocopies of file (partial or in full)
  • Confirming action status
  • Continuing Record creation
  • Binding of Application and Motion Records

Estates / Sherriff's Office / Bankruptcy Office

  • Issuing and filing documents
  • Conducting probate searches
  • Obtaining photocopies of estate files
  • Performing execution searches (writs)

Ontario Government Services / Industry Canada

  • Issue articles of incorporation, amendment, amalgamation, dissolution
  • Submit order forms for birth certificates

Federal Court / Federal Court of Appeal / Federal Tax Court / Supreme Court of Canada

  • Issuing and filing documents
  • Obtaining photocopies of documents

Ministry of Transportation

  • Conducting name/plate searches



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