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Process Serving
As a process server, we serve court documents locally, nationally and globally. » Learn More

Court Filing
Our process servers are available to act as your agent for the purpose of filing court documents with all levels of the Provincial, Federal and Supreme Courts. » Learn More

Document Authentication and Legalization
For swifter document authentication, the Department of Foreign Affairs recommends using a process server. » Learn More

Ottawa Process Servers

We are an established process serving, court filing and document authentication and legalization service based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  Although located in the heart of Canada’s capital, we serve clients globally and offer other services not only within Ottawa, but nationally and internationally as well.

A process server can be considered a beneficial ally when it comes to the service of court documents (process serving) or assisting with the document authentication and legalization process. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining a client-centered focus, making certain that we understand our clients’ needs from the start and using our best efforts to ensure that those needs are met.

On-going and effective communication is one of our priorities.  Our clients always feel “in the loop” every step of the way.  Over nineteen years of operating as a process server and as a specialist in the Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Documents, this experience has afforded us extensive knowledge of how these systems work.  As such, we have earned the respect and confidence of all of our regular customers. 

At MCA Process Service, we aim to provide the most reliable and cost-effective service possible, while adhering to the highest level of professionalism and integrity at every stage of the process.

Let our helpful and dedicated process servers demonstrate to you that the services we provide go “beyond the expected”.

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